Jerusalem Gay Pride March (28 July) – part two

Marching with the Pride flag by the Knesset (the Israeli Parliament).

There was a strong (and colorfully-dressed) youth presence at the march.

Liberal religious Jews showing their support for gay rights. The sign on the left says “Proud religious community”. Many carry signs with the names of their religious high schools – Hartman, Neve Hana, Horev and others.

These religious people stand in stark contrast to the people in this house, who had anti-gay chants on a loudspeaker and actually threw bags of urine at the front of the march. One person was arrested. Somehow they managed to stink up an entire stretch of road so it smelled of sewage. Not especially smart – we had to suffer for ten minutes at the most, they will have to live with it until it fades away.

Two separate marches: one for gay pride, one for the police securing it.

Rally at the end of the march. There were people of all different ages, groups and races at the march – Jews, Arabs, whites, Blacks, Asians, young people, old people, gay, Lesbian, straight, transsexuals and more.

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July 28 – Jerusalem Gay Pride March

Today the Israeli GLBT community held a huge Pride march and rally in Jerusalem, from the Independence Park (near the center of town) to the Knesset (Israeli Parliament).

Rally in Independence Park before the march.

Merchandise on sale before the march. I bought a small rainbow flag for 15 NIS (approx. $3).

Giant flag representing Meretz (a left-wing Israeli political party).

The Israeli Labor party also had a presence at the march.

Combining causes: tents representing the protests against housing prices in the Pride rally before the march. The signs read, “Where is the achievable youth housing?”, “Low wages, sky-high rent!”.

Marching past the Plaza hotel. There was a heavy police presence securing the march.

Passing the Knesset.

More pictures tomorrow.

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July 27 – Graffiti: “Is there enough color in your life?”

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Graffiti on a public electrical cabinet, on Hebron Road in Jerusalem.

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July 26 – Beach at Caesaria

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Beach at the Caesaria archeological park. The small peninsula sticking out into the sea is actually King Herod’s “reef palace”, built during the Second Temple period. These days only the foundations remain.

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July 25 – Olive tree in bloom

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An olive tree blooming in the spring, with tiny yellow flowers.

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July 24 – Quirky art at market party

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These great urban monster pictures were on sale at the weekly Monday night “Balabasta” party in the Jerusalem Mahane Yehuda market.


July 23 – Housing protest poster

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Poster on a recycling bin on Bethlehem Road, Jerusalem, protesting high housing prices:

Do we need MORE homeless?
Come to the protest camp at the end of Yaffo st., next to the walls.

For background information on the housing protests in Israel, see this Wikipedia article.

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July 22 – Gay pride parade

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Last year’s Jerusalem gay pride parade. This year’s march is being held next week on Thursday 28 July (event link).

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July 21 – “Barack Obama: Please Impose Peace in the Middle East”

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Demonstrator at the July 15 solidarity march for Palestine in Jerusalem.

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July 19 – IAF helicopters in flight

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Israeli Air Force helicopters during an aerial exhibition.

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