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December 27 – Sunset over the ocean

Sun setting over Mediterranean Sea

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View from off the shore of Hadera of late afternoon sunlight over the Mediterranean Sea.

שמש שוקעת מעל הים התיכון. צולם ממול חופי חדרה


July 26 – Beach at Caesaria

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Beach at the Caesaria archeological park. The small peninsula sticking out into the sea is actually King Herod’s “reef palace”, built during the Second Temple period. These days only the foundations remain.

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July 14 – Swimming in the Dead Sea

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Swimmers in the Dead Sea. The maritime border between Israel and Jordan runs down the center of the sea – the hills in the distance are Jordanian.

Photo taken by @azphare on his iPhone 4.

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June 30 – Beach

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The beautiful beach in the Caesaria archeological park.

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