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August 14 – Bullet shells from the Ramat Rachel dig

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Bullet shells found at the Ramat Rachel archeological dig. The shells were dated from approx. 1935-1949, covering a period of the Arab Revolts and the War of Independence in Israel. After we found these, they were taken to the Kibbutz museum for display.

Ramat Rachel was of high strategic significance, especially during the 1948 war. The kibbutz forms the south-eastern corner of the Green Line. Between 1948-1967 it was exposed to Jordanian-occupied territory both to the south and to the east. Sniper attacks by Jordanian forces on the Kibbutz were not unheard of – in 1956 a Jordanian gunman killed 4 Israeli archeologists.

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August 13 – Jerusalem light festival

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Food and hot drinks stalls just inside Jaffa Gate, during this summer’s Jerusalem light festival.

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August 11 – Graffiti: “Is there enough color in your life?”

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Stencilled graffiti reading, “Is there enough color in your life?” Taken on Hebron Road, Jerusalem.

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August 9 – More photos from Saturday’s social justice march

More pictures from the rent/social justice demonstration held on Saturday night (6 August).
עוד תמונות מהפגנת הדיור / צדק חברתי שנערכה בירושלים מול בית ראש הממשלה במוצ”ש ה-6 אוגוסט.

Protesters waving an Israeli flag and holding signs against a free market.
מפגינים מניפים דגל ישראל ושלטים נגד השוק החופשי.

Child holding a sign reading: “The people demand social justice”, the primary chant of this protest movement.
ילד על כתפי אביו מחזיק שלט: “העם דורש צדק חברתי”.

Strong socialist imagery is widespread at the march – there were many signs and flags in red. One flag even had a crossed sickle and hammer on it, a la Soviet Russia; another featured Che Guevara. These signs read: “May 1 2011 – Returning the state to the people!”
סימבוליות סוציאליסטית חזקה בהפגנות – שלטים ודגלים אדומים, אפילו דגלי צ’ה גווארה וברית המועצות. הנה שלטים של “הראשון במאי 2011” – “מחזירים את המדינה לציבור!”

Border policemen supervising the dispersal of the demonstration.
חיילי מג”ב משגיחים על פיזור ההפגנה.

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August 8 – Saturday night protest

On Saturday night protesters held yet another mass demonstration against high housing prices and for social reform (twitter hashtag: #J14). Last week 150,000 protesters demonstrated throughout the country. This weekend, 300,000 people protested across the country in what is Israel’s largest demonstration in history. That’s 4% of the entire national population.

30,000 people came to the Jerusalem demonstration alone, marching from the Horse Garden through town to the vicinity of the Prime Minister’s house.

Protesters massing in Paris Square in Jerusalem.

המוני מפגינים בכיכר פריז, בהפגנה נגד מכירי דיור גבוהים ובעד רפורמה סוציאלית שנערכה במוצ”ש האחרון מול הבית של ראש הממשלה בירושים.

Sign: “Yes to equality, no to racism”

שלט: “כן לשיויון, לא לגזענות”

Crowd holding up three fingers – one for each of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s three houses. There is a children’s song in Hebrew about a hat with three corners, which the protesters have adapted to: “My Bibi has three houses. If he didn’t have three houses, maybe I’d have one of my own!”

“לביבי שלי שלוש דירות, שלוש דירות לביבי שלי. ולולא היו לו שלוש דירות, אולי היתה לי דירה משלי.”


Album of all photos taken by me during the demonstration

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August 6 – Lebanese border (El Adeisse)

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Overlooking the Israel-Lebanon border at El- Adeisse. A shooting incident provoked by the Lebanese army occurred in this area last year on August 3, 2010. An Israeli battalion commander was killed by snipers, and several Lebanese soldiers and a journalist were killed in the Israeli counter-attack.

Wikipedia: 2010 Israel-Lebanon border clash

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August 2 – Applause for deaf and GLBT rights

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Crowd applauding in sign language for GLBT and deaf rights.

Taken during the rally at the end of the Jerusalem gay pride march last Thursday (July 28). There was high awareness of needs of the hearing-impaired – all speeches were translated simultaneously into sign language, and there was a very moving speech about the difficulties of being both deaf and gay.

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July 31 – More pictures from Jerusalem social justice protest

תמונות נוספות מהפגנת הדיור / הצדק החברתי שנערך אתמול בירושלים, ליד בית ראש הממשלה.

Demonstrators marching through the Paris Square intersection in Jerusalem.

מפגינים צועדים במחלף כיכר פריז בירושלים.

View inside the TV communication van broadcasting Channel 2 coverage.

בתוך רכב התקשורת של ערוץ 2.

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July 30 – Housing / social justice protest in Jerusalem

According to media and police reports, approximately 150,000 people demonstrated across the country tonight in support of cheaper housing and costs of living, and social justice and reform. 150,000 out of 7.7 million Israeli citizens is 1.9% of the entire population – meaning that one in 50 people nationwide was on the streets demonstrating tonight.

The protest in Tel Aviv was the biggest with 100,000 participants. I attended a smaller demonstration in Jerusalem, which included a march through the center of town ending with a rally just a couple blocks away from the Prime Minister’s house.

At the rally there were many speakers from all walks of life – secular, religious, young, middle-aged, students, parents, teachers, medical students, rabbis, Jews, Arabs and more. The speeches highlighted many of the injustices in our society, in which people who work in occupations that are essential to society and should be well-respected are instead treated like dirt.

תמונות מהפגנת הדיור והמחאה החברתית שנערכה הלילה בירושלים.

Masses protesting in front of the Terra Sancta church, just a couple blocks away from the Prime Minister’s house.
המונים מפגינים ליד כנסיית טרה סנקטה – באזור של בית ראש הממשלה.

Sign reading: “The market is free and we are slaves”.
שלט: “השוק חופשי ואנחנו עבדים”.

Sign: “Tahrir square – not just in Cairo”.
שלט: “כיכר תחריר לא רק בכהיר”.

Reporter from Channel 2 (the major news channel in Israel) preparing to interview a protester.
נציגת ערוץ 2 מחכה לראיין אחת המפגינות.

The demonstration may have been protesting a free market, but that doesn’t mean that there weren’t capitalistic forces at work.
ההפגנה אולי הייתה נגד השוק החופשי, אבל הייתה נוכחות ניכרת לקפיטליזם.

Event Facebook page
Full Facebook album with all 67 photos I took
Flickr album with selected photos


Jerusalem Gay Pride March (28 July) – part two

Marching with the Pride flag by the Knesset (the Israeli Parliament).

There was a strong (and colorfully-dressed) youth presence at the march.

Liberal religious Jews showing their support for gay rights. The sign on the left says “Proud religious community”. Many carry signs with the names of their religious high schools – Hartman, Neve Hana, Horev and others.

These religious people stand in stark contrast to the people in this house, who had anti-gay chants on a loudspeaker and actually threw bags of urine at the front of the march. One person was arrested. Somehow they managed to stink up an entire stretch of road so it smelled of sewage. Not especially smart – we had to suffer for ten minutes at the most, they will have to live with it until it fades away.

Two separate marches: one for gay pride, one for the police securing it.

Rally at the end of the march. There were people of all different ages, groups and races at the march – Jews, Arabs, whites, Blacks, Asians, young people, old people, gay, Lesbian, straight, transsexuals and more.

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