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163rd IAF pilot graduation ceremony

Photos taken at the latest Israeli Air Force pilot graduation ceremony (“טקס כנפיים”, or “Wings Ceremony” in Hebrew). The pilot course is the most prestigious course in the Israeli army. A record number of women graduated this course.

In attendance: IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz, IAF Commander in Chief Ido Nehushtan, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Ehud Barak.

The ceremony featured an airshow that included the IAF flying acrobatic team, the F-15I (the IAF’s newest fighter jet), combat helicopters and old planes from the IAF museum.

Airshow featuring the IAF acrobatic team


Fireworks shot from combat helicopters during the airshow

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August 14 – Bullet shells from the Ramat Rachel dig

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Bullet shells found at the Ramat Rachel archeological dig. The shells were dated from approx. 1935-1949, covering a period of the Arab Revolts and the War of Independence in Israel. After we found these, they were taken to the Kibbutz museum for display.

Ramat Rachel was of high strategic significance, especially during the 1948 war. The kibbutz forms the south-eastern corner of the Green Line. Between 1948-1967 it was exposed to Jordanian-occupied territory both to the south and to the east. Sniper attacks by Jordanian forces on the Kibbutz were not unheard of – in 1956 a Jordanian gunman killed 4 Israeli archeologists.

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July 19 – IAF helicopters in flight

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Israeli Air Force helicopters during an aerial exhibition.

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July 7 – IDF & UN patrol on Mt Dov

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Joint IDF and UN patrol on Mt Dov (aka the Shebaa Farms), overlooking Lebanon. The Shebaa Farms are disputed territory currently held by Israel. It is a closed military zone, and only IDF and UN personnel are permitted to enter.

Taken with a Nokia camera, fall of 2009.


June 28 2011 – Independence Day with the IAF

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Aerial exhibition held on an Israeli air force base to celebrate the Israeli Independence Day. From 2008.

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