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July 18 – “I love Arabs (ask me how)”

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The sign reads (in Hebrew): “I love Arabs – ask me how”.

From the July 15 solidarity march for Palestine.

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July 16 – Palestine solidarity march, part 2

Marching on Nablus Road, with the old city in the background.

Reporter from Reshet Bet, one of the leading national radio news networks, interviewing a demonstrator. The march received fairly minimal press coverage in the Israeli media.

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July 15 – Solidarity march for Palestine

Today Israeli Leftist groups organized a march for solidarity with Palestine, with the goal of promoting two states for two peoples. Several thousand people participated, despite the scorching heat, marching from Jaffa Gate to Sheikh Jarrah. Most of the participants were Jewish Israelis, though there was a definite Arab presence there too.

Marching past the mosque in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, a controversial area and the site of weekly (albeit smaller) demonstrations.

A Fox News correspondent broadcasting from the march. As I took this picture, one of the other demonstrators came over and muttered “‘Fair and Balanced'” at me sarcastically. I laughed – but still, one point to their credit for covering this story.

Small right-wing counter demonstration next to the rally at the end of the march. The police separated the two crowds so there were no violent confrontations.

More pictures tomorrow.

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