August 8 – Saturday night protest

On Saturday night protesters held yet another mass demonstration against high housing prices and for social reform (twitter hashtag: #J14). Last week 150,000 protesters demonstrated throughout the country. This weekend, 300,000 people protested across the country in what is Israel’s largest demonstration in history. That’s 4% of the entire national population.

30,000 people came to the Jerusalem demonstration alone, marching from the Horse Garden through town to the vicinity of the Prime Minister’s house.

Protesters massing in Paris Square in Jerusalem.

המוני מפגינים בכיכר פריז, בהפגנה נגד מכירי דיור גבוהים ובעד רפורמה סוציאלית שנערכה במוצ”ש האחרון מול הבית של ראש הממשלה בירושים.

Sign: “Yes to equality, no to racism”

שלט: “כן לשיויון, לא לגזענות”

Crowd holding up three fingers – one for each of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s three houses. There is a children’s song in Hebrew about a hat with three corners, which the protesters have adapted to: “My Bibi has three houses. If he didn’t have three houses, maybe I’d have one of my own!”

“לביבי שלי שלוש דירות, שלוש דירות לביבי שלי. ולולא היו לו שלוש דירות, אולי היתה לי דירה משלי.”


Album of all photos taken by me during the demonstration

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