July 30 – Housing / social justice protest in Jerusalem

According to media and police reports, approximately 150,000 people demonstrated across the country tonight in support of cheaper housing and costs of living, and social justice and reform. 150,000 out of 7.7 million Israeli citizens is 1.9% of the entire population – meaning that one in 50 people nationwide was on the streets demonstrating tonight.

The protest in Tel Aviv was the biggest with 100,000 participants. I attended a smaller demonstration in Jerusalem, which included a march through the center of town ending with a rally just a couple blocks away from the Prime Minister’s house.

At the rally there were many speakers from all walks of life – secular, religious, young, middle-aged, students, parents, teachers, medical students, rabbis, Jews, Arabs and more. The speeches highlighted many of the injustices in our society, in which people who work in occupations that are essential to society and should be well-respected are instead treated like dirt.

תמונות מהפגנת הדיור והמחאה החברתית שנערכה הלילה בירושלים.

Masses protesting in front of the Terra Sancta church, just a couple blocks away from the Prime Minister’s house.
המונים מפגינים ליד כנסיית טרה סנקטה – באזור של בית ראש הממשלה.

Sign reading: “The market is free and we are slaves”.
שלט: “השוק חופשי ואנחנו עבדים”.

Sign: “Tahrir square – not just in Cairo”.
שלט: “כיכר תחריר לא רק בכהיר”.

Reporter from Channel 2 (the major news channel in Israel) preparing to interview a protester.
נציגת ערוץ 2 מחכה לראיין אחת המפגינות.

The demonstration may have been protesting a free market, but that doesn’t mean that there weren’t capitalistic forces at work.
ההפגנה אולי הייתה נגד השוק החופשי, אבל הייתה נוכחות ניכרת לקפיטליזם.

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